Blockchain technology is a game changer for many industries with its distributed-ledger architecture. At Coinodes, we help you navigate and explore this new paradigm to create radically new ways of smart contracts, transactions, and record keeping. We provide a range of consulting and technology services to help in the adoption, integration, and realization of blockchain ecosystems. Our services include: feasibility studies, engineering consensus protocols, blockchain as a service (BaaS), blockchain banking solutions, blockchain wallets and exchange applications, smart contracts.
We provide mobile app development solutions that help you reach your niche market for sales and business growth. We craft native iOS, Android, and Windows apps. We can also work with you to create a cross-platform responsive web app.
Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is the combination of strategies and tools used to capture, store, and manage an organization's content. The content represents the business data and documents, whether hardcopy or digital. An ECM system allows you to consolidate documents from discrete electronic and hardcopy systems into a centralized, searchable repository. But it is a lot more than an electronic filing cabinet. It provides you with the ability to implement process automation and digital workflow as per customized business process management (BPM) rules.

An ECM system can provide your business with significant improvements in efficieny, records management, and security. Our team has successfully implemented ECM systems for businesses as large as Fortune 500 companies to as small as an accounting firm with five employees.
We offer eLearning solutions for a variety of business needs. Whether you are a school interested in technology enabled education or a growing business in need of corporate training and talent management, we will work with you to provide an optimal and cost-effective eLearning solution.
At Coinodes, our experienced team members have been working with web technologies for more than a decade. In this time, we have seen Web Analytics evolve from a basic analysis of webserver log files to the present day, where we have tools that measure both on-site and off-site social metrics for market research and targeted campaigns.

We have extensive experience with Google Analytics and Adobe SiteCatalyst (previously Hitbox). You can hire us to not only setup your website on these platforms, but also to develop a more refined interface on top of these platforms.
It is a business need to have a 24x7 online store whether you are a new retail venture or an established business. Our team will design and develop an eCommerce solution to provide you with an intuitive interface to maintain your web store. You can hire us for any of the following:

  • Open-source eCommerce shopping cart solution
  • Integration of your existing inventory management or ERP system with an open-source eCommerce product
  • Development of a custom inventory management solution
  • Payment gateway integration for accepting credit card and netbanking payments
  • Custom sales tracking and conversion monitoring solution
We believe every business should have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Unfortunately, most small and medium-sized businesses are discouraged away from utilizing a CRM system because of high-prices and complexity. In case you have a CRM system in place that is failing to solve your business requirements, we can help you transition under a structured and cost-effective migration plan.
Coinodes offers Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses to handle inbound calls efficiently at reduced costs. We will provide you a cost-effective solution customized to your business needs. With our IVR solution, you can present your customers with prompts, play pre-recorded information, or transfer their calls to external numbers and nested menus. IVR technology not only enhances your customer's experience, but also reduces the need for live representatives to answer calls. Hire our experienced team to solve the communication technology problems of your business.
We understand that businesses sometimes have special requirements that are not covered by any standard solution or product. For any such case, the experienced team at Coinodes will design, develop, and deliver a bespoke IT solution from the ground up to meet your specific needs. Please contact us right now so we can help your business with its special requirements.